WHo Can Participate?

Learn to Hunt events are open to novice participants. A novice participant is any person who is 10 years old or older, who has not received an approval authorizing that person to hunt pheasants in any prior hunting license year.

This event is for individuals that have never purchased a license or game stamp to hunt pheasants through the DNR.

A hunter may not participate in more than one Learn to Hunt event for the same species of game being hunted.


What is a DNR Customer ID Number?

All participants entering into the Learn to Hunt event must have a DNR Customer ID Number. The assigned number is unique to each individual and is approved through the DNR Automated License Issuance System. Participants that don’t have a DNR Customer ID Number may call 1-888-936-7463 (7 a.m.-10 p.m., 7 days a week) to obtain one.

What Does The LTH Program Entail?

A minimum of four hours of classroom and field instruction is given and must be conducted before any hunting activity can be done. This qualification is mandatory regardless if the individual has passed a hunter education course or not.

Who can be a Mentor or Dog Handler?

All mentors shall have at least five years of hunting experience and have gone through the DNR background check. If the background check is needed, download Form 4100-217 here. Fill it out and send it online or print and send it through the mail.

All dog handlers must complete the background form as well.